Do you know what your Soul really wants? Do you ever tap into that deeper part of you where the truth of who you came here to be lies?

From birth, you were conditioned to live according what is considered ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ by your parents, religions, authority figures and what is ‘acceptable’ in society. When you veer from that conditioning to head down a path that feels good to you, but doesn’t necessarily coincide with that conditioning, you are met with resistance and are made to feel that you are ‘wrong’ for doing or wanting the things that you do.

You know, it is when you are on the path that society says is the correct one but you know in your heart and soul that you want something else; something that you know others around you will not necessarily agree with.

So, you continue to follow your conditioning, and what is socially acceptable, but you don’t feel complete and you know that something is missing, a vital part of who you are.

Why does your Soul not understand this conditioning?

Your Soul is the divine part of you that knows there are no limitations to who you are, and that by being a divine being, you can choose whatever makes you feel good and live that. It doesn’t have the conditioning, or knows to live by the constricting rules of the human experience, that are part of your physical experience here. It is free and knows the truth of who you came here to be and what you wanted to experience.

You knew that it would be part of your experience to know this conditioning and the limiting beliefs of those who came before you, but you came to be a way shower and open up the space for remembering why you are here and what your Soul wanted to experience.

However, for you to be able to grow and expand in ways that your Soul wanted for its greater evolution, you had to fall into the ways of this conditioning to then remember who you are and move beyond it. Think back to all you have been through up until this point and who you are because of it. It would not have been the same for you if you had so easily been in tune with your Soul’s truth at an earlier time.

So, why now?

It is time to step into who you really are. It is time to connect and align with your Soul’s truth and purpose because the energy of everyone and the planet are changing and raising to a higher frequency where the previous limitations and conditioning no longer can reside.

It is no longer about conforming to what others want or believe to be the right path for you, but to let go of that which no longer serves you and to boldly say ‘yes’ to who you really are and what resonates with you!

Your Soul is beckoning to you now. It is offering you the memory of who you came to be and inviting you to live from that place in all that you do.

Struggle, discord, stress and dis-ease are all vibrational energy of the human experience, not of your Soul. Your Soul knows you as the divine being who is love, compassion, beauty, peace and joy. By aligning with your Soul and its truth, you free yourself of the limitations and constrictions that keep you small, and allow you to spread your wings and fly.

So, connect with your Soul and re-discover who you are and what it is that you truly want, letting go of what you have been conditioned to believe, and you will experience the freedom that is yours!

In love,

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