Do you ever feel like you take a step forward in your life and then seem to take two steps back?

You know, when it feels like the things you want are starting to fall into place, but then something happens that has you feeling like it really isn’t.

Why is this?

For a moment, imagine that where you are as one floor of a multi-floor office building. We’ll say it is the 3rd floor. Now, you decide that the floor you are on is no longer offering to you what you want, so you decide you want to go up to the 4th floor.

You visit the 4th floor and find that it is more to your liking than your current floor and make the choice to move up to it. That’s great!

Now, not everything on the 3rd floor is going to be able to go with you to the 4th floor. Some of the people, circumstances and situations there must be left when you move up to the next floor because there will be new people, circumstances and situations that are more in alignment with what is on this new floor.

Even though you know that some of these really don’t fit into what is on the new floor, you aren’t feeling ready to let go of them and leave them where they are, so you attempt to take them up to the 4th floor with you, but they don’t actually want to go to the new floor, they want to stay where they are.

Now you are caught going back and forth to each floor and you don’t feel like you fully belong on either one of them.

Here is the question, can you be on two floors at the same time? It isn’t physically possible to do so, nor is it energetically possible either. You MUST choose the floor you want to be on and move to it even if it means giving up some of what is on the other floor.

So, it comes down to which floor has what you want and being willing to let go of the floor that doesn’t. When you are willing to make the choice, and take the steps necessary to be on the floor you want, you feel like your steps are moving you forward and you finally release the other floor altogether.

How would your life change if you move to the next floor?

How will your life be if you stay on your current floor?

It is up to you to choose the floor you want and boldly take the steps to move to it. It’s about the life you want to live!

In love,

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