Do you ever think about how you are spending your time?

You probably live each day pretty much as the one before. You wake up, do your daily routine, go off to work, spend your day there and then return home to fit in life’s “to-do’s” that need to get done before you go to sleep, only to begin it all over again the next day.

Why is this?

Because you have been conditioned to basically want to get from birth to death in the safest way possible, following society’s design for how you should live it.

But, what does that mean for the quality of the life you live?

Do you realize that everyone on the planet gets exactly the same amount of time in each 24 hour day?

It doesn’t matter what your economic situation is; what race or religion you are; what privileges you have; or what your intelligence level is. Each person gets exactly 24 hours in a day.

What does this mean?

That your time is extremely valuable. It is even more so than money because, unlike money which you can make more of, you cannot make more time.

How do you spend your time?

You can either choose live 99 years or one year 99 times. Living the 99 years means that the dash on your headstone, when you are laid to rest, was filled with wonder, excitement and LIFE! One year 99 times means that you got safely to the end of your life basically living the same year over and over and over again without the excitement and fullness that is available to you.

Why is your time so valuable?

Because you only live it in a forward way. That means you can’t go back in time and reuse that which you don’t feel you used as fully as you could have. You can’t find extra in the sofa cushions or on the sidewalk. No one can gift you any of their time so you have more of it.

What can you do with your time?

You can learn to value it! You can find ways to live your life more fully and enjoy each moment that you have been given in YOUR 24 hours. You can stop wasting it on things that do not bring you joy and make you feel good. You can instead invest it in more love, be it healthier, happier relationships or pampering and loving yourself more. You can quit standing in endless lines for things that don’t really matter and invest it on those that do.

Your time is so precious and if you come to each day remembering that, you can choose to invest it in ways that fill you with excitement, passion and enthusiasm for each moment you have.

Don’t take it for granted!

Being that time is precious, it is also limited in the overall span of a life, so use it in ways that honor its value! Go out and check off the items on your bucket list. Love those in your life, including yourself, with greater passion and authenticity. Notice the beauty that is all around you and there for you to enjoy.

You have 24 hours in a day. How will you spend the next 24?

In love,

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