Do you notice that when you feel like you are finally on your ‘right’ path that all sorts of ‘unwanted stuff’ starts happening and you begin feeling as if it is more of the ‘wrong’ path.

You know, when it feels as if you are moving in the direction you want and you begin seeing the positive physical evidence of it in your life and then suddenly, all sorts of ‘unwanted stuff’ starts happening. Your car breaks down. You lose all the contacts on your cell phone. Your computer crashes without you backing up important information.

It can feel as if all that you have been doing isn’t really working. You may become discouraged and feel as if you want to stop moving forward because it seems that you are experiencing more than your share of negative things happening. This is the time that many give up and stay where they are rather than continuing to move to the next level.

Why is this?

Because of what is referred to as dissonance. You are no longer in vibrational alignment with the frequency of where you were, nor fully aligned with the new frequency you are moving into.

Since your vibrational frequency is shifting as you up-level, there is a period of time that re-alignment is occurring and you may feel as if you don’t belong in either frequency. It is in that transition from a one frequency to another that this space between them has all the ‘messiness’ happening.

Everything is being rearranged to be shifted to the new frequency and become your new natural state. There isn’t a straight path to this movement between frequencies as there are too many elements and variables involved in the shift.

Imagine the people, circumstances and situations that all have to be sorted out. The ones that are still aligned with the old frequency will stay there, but those that can move into your new frequency will be realigned and come with you. There is much going on behind the scenes on an energetic level to make this all happen.

What you can know from all of this dissonance?

That you are actually on your way to the new frequency that you desire and your continued forward actions will allow you to fully embody it. Noticing the dissonance can actually validate the shifts you are making into the new frequency and you can know that this is all only temporary. The more aligned actions you continue to take, even through the ‘stuff’ that is coming up, will move it more quickly.

Allowing yourself to get caught up in the ‘unwanted’ experiences will end up delaying your forward movement and vibrational increase, thus ending up feeling like the dissonance may not end. Remember, it is a sign that you are on the ‘right’ path and moving on to that new frequency, so just keep going knowing that it will pass and on the other side is what you have been wanting.

The life you want is worth the temporary discomfort when you know you are on your way there!

What is having your heart’s desire and life you dream of worth to you?

In love,

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