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Akashic Record Healing Session


Do you find yourself in similar scenarios and stories in your life that you can’t figure out what created them or where they began?

Do you feel like some of your experiences in this lifetime have to do with those in other lifetimes that are unresolved or were traumatic?

You carry energetic patterns and stories through lifetimes.

Your soul wants to have the fullness in every experience, but when the human part of us feels it is too painful or doesn’t move through an experience fully from the human side of things, and your soul doesn’t feel complete in the experience, it repeats it in a lifetime or throughout multiple lifetimes.

Traumatic and painful experiences from your human perspective can have you bring an end to moving through an experience fully, thus not satisfying your soul’s desire for it in the first place, so it repeats it until it feels complete.

When you can heal the aspects of your other lifetime stories of your soul so that it feels complete in what it wanted to receive from them, you no longer have to continue to repeat them.

Many blocks and feelings of being stuck in unwanted patterns are based in other lifetimes that you did not bring to a completion and likely died before being able to do so. By going into the other lifetime story where what you are experiencing now originated and doing the healing work there, your life and experiences in this lifetime change, often dramatically and instantaneously.

It is time to close out your other lifetime stories so this lifetime can be healed and you can move forward in the way you want to without continuing to perpetuate them in this one any longer.

In this 60 minute session, we’ll explore your other lifetime, or lifetimes, that are associated with what you want to focus on shifting in this lifetime. Additional energy work that will support the shifts will also be utilized through higher guidance and intuited to be most beneficial for you to achieve and receive the results you desire.

You’ll receive the audio recording of your session to review and which holds the high vibrational healing energy for 7 days after your session to continue the integration and healing process as you listen.


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Your Investment is ONLY $450



What others clients share about their Akashic Record experiences and healings…

“Tammy’s work with me in my Akashic Record helped me let go of some things I had been believing and feeling were true, to opening me up to remembering what was really true for me. She helped me rewire an aspect of my life that I was stuck on and having trouble with. Tammy is fun, playful and guides me to remember that is our true way of being. As a healer, we also need support, and Tammy was able to get me back on track with the deep guidance and support that she taps into. I received the exact information I needed to know that was perfect in its timing and details. She aligned me back on the path of owning my power and launching my healing passions and gifts. I am appreciative of her and her amazing work.” Shelley Tomelin, Multidimensional Energy Healer


All I can say is thank you so much. With the Akashic Record work we’ve done together, along with the follow-up sessions, I’ve gained some real tangible results from working with you. I now have a clear idea about what I want to do job wise, and the confidence to do it. Plus I’ve been sleeping better than I have in a long time. I feel directly connected with some new beings, more open to the Akashic Field, and excited to resolve issues in my old Record and start filling my new Record. Your meditations are beautiful and so relevant to what I need right now. I can’t speak highly enough of your services. You are warm, kind, genuine, relatable and very funny! I also really appreciate that you take the time to thoughtfully respond to emails and listen to me to help me to get the results I desire, even when I’m not sure what those were at first. And, I appreciate your honesty, integrity and sincerity in the way you direct me to the next steps in working with you that will most benefit me and what I want to experience, not just for the sake of offering them to me. Thank you again.” Jacki M, Australia






The Key to Your Akashic Record
Unlock the Stories of
Your Soul’s Journey and Heal Your Past Program


Access the one spiritual resource that holds all you need to know about yourself, your many lifetimes, and how to choose what comes next for you!


Start Accessing Your Akashic Record NOW!


“Tammy’s  “The Key to Your Akashic Record Program” helped me understand and personalize my sense of how I could access and use the Akashic Records for my benefit in a way I never thought possible.

While I’d heard of the Akashic Records for years, I never considered trying to make a personal connection. I thought they were out of reach for the average person. Yet, I still wanted to live a deeper, more spiritually centered life. And, I wanted a deeper meditation experience. After following along with the recordings, I was able to accomplish that with little effort. I felt like I was in touch with my inner being and could do so much more with my life. It was an eye-opening experience for me. Tammy has made it all so easy and simple. For anyone wanting to go deeper into their own spiritual power, this is a purposeful and divinely guided program. I not only can access the Records, I can also use them for my benefit any time I feel guided to do so. I invite you to experience your own inner being!” Tina DeMarco, Memoir Writing Coach



“This Akashic Record Program is very informative and helpful in teaching me about my Record and how best to use it.
The detailed and well-explained examples allowed me to better understand what my Record can be used for and the power these Records hold. My experience in my Record was an emotional one. I have a person in my life who is constantly in and out and it is unhealthy for both of us. I wanted to cut ties. In my Record, I saw why. I saw another life in which this person died young and we had an incomplete story. I found a tie in my check (I assume from grief) and I respectfully cut that time. My guide helped me rewrite that story in a fulfilling way. It was extremely emotional but I felt strong and settled in my understanding of why this relationship was how it was and I feel confident that the pattern is broken. I feel overall lighter after cutting the tie. I definitely recommend this program and the benefits that accompany it. It is a chance to change your life and live healthier and happier. By understanding and accepting the realities of other lives, we can change the course of this life.” Autumn Brown






Akashic Field Recalibration
The Activation to open your new higher frequency Akashic Record that will give you the power to create lifetimes of new possibilities!


Tune into a higher level of clarity and confidence to create your new amazing life stories without the heaviness of your past holding you back.


Prerequisite: The Akashic Record Program offered above or being familiar with working in the Akashic Records already.



Take your spiritual evolution and growth

to new heights today!



“I’ve been feeling lighter and less bogged down with thoughts and heavy feelings.
I feel like my heart has become expanded and can take in more love and gratitude. My motivation has increased and I am receiving exciting money and community building idea downloads. I have this sense that I’ve been given permission to finally put my past behind me, to stop dwelling over the negativity of it all, and to start creating a new, more loving and more prosperous chapter of my life.” Libbii Armstrong, Soul Biz Witch & Coach

“I was feeling unfocused with lack of clarity and motivation around my business and my spirituality.

I knew the direction of my life’s purpose, but the road to travel there was murky. From the day of the recalibration, I have been extremely focused and have abundant energy, which is unusual for me since I had been feeling sluggish with low energy. I slept like a teenager after the recalibration. I’ve received clear direction on where my guides want me to take my business and have received a download for two new programs to start working on. Several days into the recalibration, I began to notice that my body and sleep cycles were adjusting, and what I wanted to eat and drink were shifting as well. My intuition and empathic abilities have heightened, and my connection with the natural forces is greater and easier to tap into. The recalibration helped me to find the clarity, courage and insight I needed moving forward and helped to make my transformation journey a success.” Anna Hume, Intuitive Spiritual Coach




The services offered are of a higher vibration of energetic creation.

This work will best serve you if you…

  • Know that your Soul is beckoning you to step into who you really are and take your life to the next level
  • Are open to the possibility of your vision and dreams for your life and are willing to step into them even if you are unable to see the “how” right now and it is uncomfortable
  • Are looking for greater clarity and connection with your Soul and what it desires and came to experience in this lifetime
  • Are ready to clear away and shift that which keeps you from living your life at a higher level of the divine being you are
  • Enjoy exploring and discovering information around metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual topics
  • Know that you are worth investing, beyond what you may be comfortably used to, into your growth, healing and transformation, and WANT to seriously and committedly do so
  • Are open to honest, truthful support and committed to do what it takes to live the life you dream of
  • Want someone to be there and support you who you can openly share what you are unable to comfortably share with others in your life



You can create your life consciously, powerfully, and on purpose!

Allow me to help you do that!



I Promise you that…

If YOU are committed, put forth the effort and are willing to be uncomfortable to create change, then you WILL experience expansion, growth and healing in your life! Your results are based upon YOU and what YOU are willing to do for YOU!

Are You Ready to Consciously Create Your Life?




“Your work with me and other family members was amazing and really opened my awareness to new realms. We have experienced some amazing shifts and changes over the last couple of years and I truly believe it is largely due to your work on our behalf.” ~ Mary Anne Demo, Michigan



In making your decision to work with me, please remember that the value of the exchange for the services and products I offer are based on, and are in addition to my desire to be the best version I can be to assist you, this…


If you have any questions about what is included in a program, package or want to
inquire whether it is for you, please contact me here!


Energy is powerful when you know how to consciously give it purpose to assist you in creating what you desire.

Discover the 4 powerful ways to use this energy technique to amplify your ability to manifest what you desire in your life now.

Your life is meant to be the way YOU want it to be!

Use the Magic available to make it so!

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