Energetic Creation Circle Membership

Energetic Creation Circle Membership



On this page, you will find all your membership information and products.

The twice monthly live call details will be posted here the beginning of each month. Please bookmark this page and visit it to receive the call in number and times. Each call is recorded and will also be shared here for you to listen to again.

Thank you for becoming a member! I look forward to connecting with you on the calls and in the private Facebook group.



Monthly Call Details:


Dates & Times: Calls ~No Live Calls Are Scheduled At This Time

1st Call:

2nd Call:


Conference Line #:

Access Code:

Be sure to bring your questions, what you would like to get clear on, or an area of your life you want to shift. You’ll have the opportunity to receive personal support. Each call is up to 90 minutes, and we will spend together playing with energy, raising your vibration and shifting old patterns to create new desired results in your life!

One of the monthly calls will focus on cleansing, balancing, harmonizing and activating energy processes. These may be energetic activations, consciousness shifting processes, or even going into more information about the audios offered here. I will let intuition and higher guidance offer what will best serve members for the highest benefit to all.

The second call will be devoted to Q&A and individual coaching/healing work. There will be vibration raising at the beginning and energy flushing at the end to keep your energy strong and balanced.

If you are unable to make a live call, but have questions or would like guidance, please email me in advance at Tammy@CreateByVibration.com with them so they may be responded to on the call.


Access Monthly Call Recordings Here



Monthly Distant Healing Energy Sessions:


Dates & Times: Distant Sessions ~

Every Sunday of the month sometime between 8:00 am to 10:00 am EST

Since these are distant healing energy sessions, you do not have to call in.

It is beneficial to set an intention for where you want the energy to be directed, such as to somewhere in your physical body, or your body as a whole; an experience, situation or circumstance you would like higher energies to assist in shifting, healing or expanding with, and for, you;  or you can ask that it go where it knows it serves your highest and best good at this time.

Just open yourself up to allowing the healing energy to move into your energy field and body based upon your intention. You can choose to relax at the time I am offering the session, or continue to go about your day/night, knowing that the energy is following your intention for its direction and purpose. You may notice more when you are relaxed and in a quiet space then you may feel or notice as you continue about your daily activities.

Be sure to stay well hydrated for several days after the sessions so that your energy stays strong as the shifts happen within your energy field and body.



Private Facebook Group:


Join the private Facebook group to ask questions, share your experiences and receive support from me as well as the other members.



Guided Meditations:


Centering Meditation


Loving Yourself Meditation


Chakra Balancing Meditation



Processes and Exercise Audios:


Calling Heaven ~ Talk to Your Loved Ones on the Other Side

Part 1 – Process Audio (Listen to First)

Part 2 – Exercise Audio



What’s In Your Cake? ~ Only Adding Your Wants to the Cake Mix that is Your Life



Turn Up Your Vibration ~ Consciously Raising the Frequency of Your Life

Part 1 – Process Audio (Listen to First)

Part 2 – Process Audio (Listen to Second)

Part 3 – Process Audio (Listen to Third)

Part 4 – Exercise Audio

Emotional Scale Supplement



Love Yourself the Way You Are ~ Body Love & Appreciation Process

Part 1 – Process Audio (Listen to First)

Part 2 – Exercise Audio



Healing Your Child Self ~ Allowing the Child Part of You to Feel Loved, Enough and Worthy Process

Part 1 – Process Audio (Listen to First)

Part 2 – Exercise Audio





Loving Yourself and Your Life Falls into Place

Session 1 ~ The Birth Clearing

Session 2 ~ Body Love and Appreciation Process

Session 3 ~ Emotion Release ~ Clearing Being Enough with Child Self Healing and Mirror Work

Session 4 ~ Emotion Release ~ Clearing Being Worthy with Child Self Healing and Mirror Work

Session 5 ~ Emotion Release ~ Clearing Being Lovable with Child Self Healing and Mirror Work

Session 6 ~ Bringing It All Together ~ Connecting with Future Self and Calling Back Your Energetic Resources











Terms and Conditions


*You can cancel your membership at anytime and will continue to receive access to the member’s area until the next billing cycle.*

Energy is powerful when you know how to consciously give it purpose to assist you in creating what you desire.

Discover the 4 powerful ways to use this energy technique to amplify your ability to manifest what you desire in your life now.

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