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Throughout the ages, different cultures and societies have worked with energy to bring harmony and balance to the energy systems for healing to occur. Some techniques have been passed down and shared so that they could be learned and continue to be used for the benefit of everyone. New techniques have also been created, or possibly just old techniques revisited and renamed, to add to the possibilities for helping people experience the well-being that comes naturally to all of us

Although the list of energy techniques are many, there are a few that have resonated with me and that I have learned and been attuned to so that I can be a channel for the Healing Energy to flow and assist in the achievement, and maintaining, of health and well-being by others, and myself.

In 2007, I was introduced to Reiki and became a Reiki Master. Reiki is a wonderful technique with many benefits. And, through my learning of what Reiki is able to do, I found that I had a great desire to learn more.

By chance, I heard someone speaking about Pranic Healing and I became interested in learning more about it. I attended the first level Pranic Healing course and began to understand even more about the energy centers (Chakras) and energy systems of the body. This brought me a greater understanding of how our energy systems and Chakras work. I continue to participate in mediations and classes offered through the Pranic Healing website.

Continuing on my journey of learning more, I listened to an interview with Richard Gordon, creator of the Quantum Touch energy technique. With this technique, instant results can occur that are just amazing, such as the straightening of misaligned hip bones. I found this so interesting that I learned the basics of this technique to be able to offer even more to my clients and those I help. I have also gone on to study the second level of Quantum Touch (QT2) and the Supercharging technique, as well as the Core Transformation system and Self Created Health which are all offered through Quantum Touch.

Believing that much of the imbalances in our energy are based upon the negative emotions that we carry and do not fully experience and express in healthy ways, I have also studied the Emotion Code, created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Through using my own variation of this method of identifying trapped emotions by connecting with the subconscious of an individual, these trapped emotions that are stuck in the physical body and negatively influencing the normal energy flow, are named and released allowing for the relief of pain, dis-ease, depression, anxiety and much more. In addition to releasing these trapped emotions, part of the work offers the ability to release of the trapped emotions around an individual’s heart, which are creating a wall and keeping them from experiencing deeper connections with others and themselves.

As the many techniques available have their benefits, these techniques are those that I have learned thus far and I have created my own proprietary blend of incorporating aspects of them into my Healing Energy work allowing me to offer the most benefit to those I can support and assist. My desire is for each session to offer noticeable, immediate results, but also gradual and subtle results as it moves through the energy system to work as it is needed. The true beauty of Healing Energy is that it knows where to go and what to do for the highest good of the receiver.

My interest in the body and how amazing it is continues to increase my desire for more knowledge and continued learning to find the information and techniques that resonate with me and I feel can benefit those I can support and assist the most.

And, know that no matter where you are in the world, we can connect. On an energetic level, all things are connected without any distance or time between them. This allows for the Healing Energy techniques to work through distant healing, as well as in person sessions, which means that you, as receiver of the energy, can be located anywhere in the world during the session.

With the ability to send Healing Energy to anywhere, there is no limitation to what is possible. This allows so much flexibility in being able to maintain your natural state of well-being no matter where you are. If you should desire to reduce stress, achieve deeper relaxation, expand your spiritual growth or just boost your immune system at times that would be of benefit, you can take advantage of distant sessions.

I offer all my sessions through distant work, so your location can be anywhere in the world. My location is in Michigan, but my clients are, and have been, in Florida, Oregon, California and even the Philippines and Australia. Anywhere there is a phone line or access to Skype, we can connect. Those at the receiving end confirm the receipt of the Healing Energy either by actually feeling the energy or by having the issue, block or dis-ease in their body change for the better. It is amazing how there is no limit to what the Healing Energy can do.

It is important in your own journey of well-being that you choose a practitioner that resonates with you and can offer you the greatest benefits that you seek to experience. Your compatibility with the practitioner you choose is important because this is someone who is sending you divine, higher vibrational energy and you want to make sure that they are of integrity and are a clear, high vibrational channel for the energy you are receiving.  I would be honored to connect with you and see if that is me.

You can find out more by reviewing the information provided on each technique. Click on the names above to learn more about the various techniques.





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