Heart Toning™

Heart Toning™


Using the unique tone of your heart to create a space for your physical and energetic bodies to return to their natural state of health, wholeness and well-being.



The tone of your heart is as unique to you as your fingerprint.

This frequency is the highest point of pure love and light for you, and by amplifying it to its optimal frequency, it knows what you need to heal on all levels. It has its own high vibrational tone and color frequency specifically balanced and aligned for you.

Once the tone is activated, the color frequency begins to move within your energetic field at a high vibration. The frequency can be “turned up” to increase the vibration of the frequency. Your heart tone will indicate what the best level is for you at the current time. It will not go down, but can be raised as your energy and physical body can handle it.

When activating your Heart Toning™, it is beneficial to set your intention of what you would like this high vibrational energy to be working to heal and transform for you. Although it does know where to go and what to work on, when you offer specific direction for it as well, you allow the opportunity for you to experience more of what you desire to create greater change in. Think of it as a time where you are offering what you want into the highest energy that can bring forth the change and healing in a quicker way, at an amplified level. It also slows down, and even reverses, the aging process on a deep cellular and DNA level.

By moving you into a higher vibration, you will be become acclimated to it and ultimately be able to maintain it as your natural state and your new point of attraction for that which you desire to experience in your life. It is in the higher vibrational frequencies that you experience the “good” in your life and are in the flow where life works with more ease and grace.

*Multiple sessions are necessary to create sustainable higher vibrations so that they become your new familiar. Depending on the degree of any specific conditions being addressed, the number of sessions to create the most healing and transformation may increase.*



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