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♠ The international bestselling books Tammy has co-authored –

Divinity Speaks: Women Who Tune In and Trust Divine Inspiration (you can get your copy here)

Phoenix Rising: Powerful Women Who Rose From The Ashes To Claim Their Place (you can get your copy here)



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Things Women Don’t Talk About series with Isaya

In this high vibe interview, Isaya and I talk about “Is Selfish a Dirty Word?” and it is a powerful and fun conversation sharing what that means for us and our understanding and life conditioning around it AND…ways to shift your perspective and create the changes you desire to be “selfish” in your life.


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Podcast, YouTube





The Soar! Podcast with Rai Hyde


In this high vibe interview, Rai and I talk about Raising Your Vibration to Bring About the Life You Desire


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Jenergy Vibes with Jen Russman


In this fun interview with Jen and Tammy, you will discover…

*What the Akashic Records are

*Why you want to access them

*What can you do in them

*Ways to heal through your Akashic Record

*And, receive a free guide ~ The Akashic Records: Your Soul’s Ultimate Guidebook


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Straight Talk for the Soul with Cari Murphy


In Tammy’s interview with Cari, you will…

*Uncover your unconscious repeating patterns that are still influencing your life now – Bring the heaviness into the light to finally release it!

*Stop judging your experiences and allow yourself to receive the gifts they offer to you.

*Allow in new higher levels of consciousness, connection, love, and your Soul’s guidance to raise your vibrational frequency with ease!

*Shift from Sabotage to SATISFIED!

*Create quick shifts with Tammy’s proprietary Polar Harmonicsmodality.

Tammy leads the group through a live healing to Release An Emotional Weight You Have Been Carrying So You Can Finally Feel Free and Lighter Without It!


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A sampling of feedback from group process:

“I felt the healing energy moving in and pushing out of my throbbing hands palms all that stagnant energy Thank you Cari & Tammy!!!!” ~ soulfulrose11

“That was Wonderful; Thank you so much!!!” ~ Carly

“Thank you Cari. This is so enlightening” ~ Angela

“Thank you both so much much love and gratitude I felt the energy coming through my hand and now I can feel a sensation around my crown chakra I can feel like pressure on the top of my head!” ~ Cheryl

“This was a very beautiful practice. I felt a peace come over me, and light came to my heart. I’m very grateful to be here today. Thank you both very much.” ~ Shari

“Thank you so much. Experienced tears and shaking…. feeling lighter. Beautiful. Clearer. Thank you and beautiful blessings to you.” ~ Jacqueline

“Beautiful, thank you 🙂 “ ~ Darko

“Thank you Tammy! I definitely feel lighter! ~ Paige

Thank you Tammy!! As soon as you said that we could give this to you in the very beginning I started to cry. It felt so welcoming that you accept any or all of what I wanted to release. I kept saying thank you to you and have so much gratitude for this!! Thank you thank you!!! Blessings to you both!!”~ Debbie

“Buzzing with gratitude Tammy! Many thanks and love back to you.” ~ Gloria

“Deeply inspiring, heart is gratefulXXOO” ~ Lynn



The Alara Canfield Show


Join Alara and Tammy as they talk about Into the Light: Release the Heaviness of Your 3D Experiences and so much more, as well as live Q&A and energetic processes. ​

* Uncover your unconscious repeating patterns, created in your past, that are still influencing your life now and bring them into the light to finally release them

* Release and heal your old repeating patterns in less time and still receive the growth your Soul intended in the process

* Stop judging your experiences and allow yourself to receive the gifts they offer to you

* Finally, bring your old repeating patterns to an end that sabotage your dreams and desires from manifesting into your reality

* Allow in new higher levels of consciousness, connection, love and your Soul’s guidance to raise your vibrational frequency with ease

* Tammy offers a live healing to Release An Emotional Weight You Have Been Carrying So You Can Finally Feel Free and Lighter Without It


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Podcast, YouTube





Your Divine Uniqueness with Host Moncef Afkir


Your Divine Uniqueness show was created to hold space for spiritually aware people to connect with their divine essence and express it through their unique passions.

The show features leading-edge spiritual teachers, healers, and energy experts, in interactive sessions, to support you connect to your heart, and Bring Forth What Only You Can Do and Be.

Join Moncef and Tammy as they talk about:

* The changing energy of love from separation to connection

* Being the love you are looking for

* Giving love from the overflow

* Creating from the energy of love with ease, flow and joy

* Releasing old, stagnant and constricting energies of attachment through love

* Tammy offers a Live Healing for Releasing a Block to Love


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Xpansion Network Show:

Outside The Box with Toni Vaughn


Come join in on the fun and insightful conversation that Toni and Tammy share with YOU!


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Xtra Ordinary Experiences TV Show


This show features the spiritual, out-of-body, and life-changing experiences from healers around the world. The show’s hosts are global speakers and workshop leaders, Kasey and Brad Wallis. They channel a group of beings called Julius and have changed the lives of many through the teachings of Julius. They will be participating in the conversation with me as I share one or more of my personal, spiritual experiences. It’s going to be a phenomenal discussion.**


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Riders of the New Earth Energies


Join me for the free online show “Riders of the New Earth Energies – Trailblazers provide Courage, Comfort, and Confidence to Stay on Track During Challenging Timesin which Solara is interviewing me along with over twenty other wonderful Wayshowers, Spiritual Leaders and Visionaries from around the world.

Receive inspiration, wisdom, joy and the courage to walk your own path and to live the spiritual life you desire as well as a flourishing spiritual business!

In addition, you will receive insights for the energy of 2020 from the speakers.


Watch it here!




The Purpose Cafe Podcast with Cymber Quinn


The Purpose Cafe is for professional women in their 40s and up who are excited about the prospect of reclaiming their life purpose after many years of giving to families and careers.

Check out my interview with Cymber Quinn of how I tuned into my purpose and am expressing it in my life now.

You can receive my “5 Simple Ways to Quickly Align with Your Soul’s Vibrational Frequency” gift mentioned in the interview by clicking here.


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The Selling Made Easy Show for Entrepreneurs with Wendy Vaughan


Every entrepreneur has a journey.  And every journey includes inspiration.  If you’re doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your “lessons learned” into a business, listen in!  Here you’ll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!

Check out my interview with Wendy Vaughn about being an entrepreneur and the challenges and triumphs that come with it.

You can receive my “5 Simple Ways to Quickly Align with Your Soul’s Vibrational Frequency” gift mentioned in the interview by clicking here.


Listen to it here!





Live. Love. Engage Podcast with Host Gloria Grace Rand


Live. Love. Engage. with Gloria Grace Rand provides inspiration and practical advice from a spiritual perspective for the entrepreneur, business owner and professional. Learn how to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically by embracing and expressing your divine self.  Gloria is a former writer/producer for the PBS-TV program, “Nightly Business Report,” turned SEO copywriter, speaker and transformative coach. Her sister’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis and death in 2016 from rhabdomyosarcoma prompted Gloria to reassess her spiritual beliefs, and embark on a new journey to awaken others to their innate spirituality. If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and divinely inspired techniques to achieve more peace, joy and prosperity, you’ve found a home with Live. Love. Engage.


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Julie Mann YouTube Channel


Although we are made up of ‘energy’, most of us don’t relate to ourselves and life that way.


“Having a healthy self connection with who you are in this human experience, as well as the spiritual being you always and already are, and balancing the two, takes some understanding.” ~ Tammy Braswell


What do you think? Are you skeptical about such things?


Julie and I had a fascinating conversation.


Watch it on YouTube!







Join Tammy as she offers Livestreams via her private Facebook Group ~ Create By Vibration: Consciously Elevate, Evolve & Expand You

Tammy shares higher perspectives on old thought patterns and new awarenesses to assist you in expanding how you view your life from a higher vantage point.

She shares monthly Intuitive & Channeled Q&A where you can receive higher guidance and wisdom to support you with your life’s questions. It is a group favorite!

Join the group and expand your perspective and experience the high vibe energy too.



YouTube Channel


Tammy shares high vibrational and channeled wisdom, insight and guidance to expand your perspective, consciousness, and vibrational frequency.




In-Person/Virtual Events


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Past Shows


In-Sight with host Lisa Bousson, Michigan Psychic Medium


Topic: Your Authentic Self

Watch on YouTube



Spiritual Awakening Channel with Katina Love


Topic: Channeling the Spirit Realm ~ Automatic Writing

Watch on YouTube


Topic: Channeling ALL THAT IS

Watch on YouTube



The Entrepreneurial Truth Podcast


The Entrepreneurial Truth Podcast is designed to help people overcome the mental roadblocks that come with starting a new business and taking it to the next level. I believe your story will be vital in encouraging and inspiring listeners to create their own story and become the persons they want to be.

Visit The Entrepreneurial Truth Podcast for the episode.

Watch it on YouTube, Episode #45








Energy is powerful when you know how to consciously give it purpose to assist you in creating what you desire.

Discover the 4 powerful ways to use this energy technique to amplify your ability to manifest what you desire in your life now.

Your life is meant to be the way YOU want it to be!

Use the Magic available to make it so!

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