Releasing Your Blocks Session

Are you ready to free yourself of the emotional and energetic blocks that keep you from living the life you desire?


We carry so much with us that our conditioning has us feeling like it is just part of who we are and that struggle is part of our journey. This is a false belief and misguided teaching. There have been experiences in your life that have brought you to this place now and they help to make you who you are. Your soul intended, and wanted, those experiences to feel and experience itself more fully. There is nothing wrong with them, but often, they are not processed or felt fully at the time they occurred.


Maybe they were in your childhood when you felt like you had no say in your life to allow yourself to fully process what was happening and you were kept safe by compartmentalizing the unpleasant experiences.


Maybe they have been experiences in your adulthood that you just can’t seem to get past to move forward in new ways.


Maybe you have done healing work and the same patterns still seem to keep perpetuating and you don’t understand why.


Maybe it is a physical issue, ailment or discomfort that you would like to heal the core issue so that you can feel freedom in your body again.


What if you could bring any one of those things, or whatever comes up for you, that you would like to feel relief, release and freedom from, to to finally say good bye to it?


Those who have experienced this work loved the opportunity to release their blocks, emotions and stuck areas that they have been holding on to and not able to really release so far. They experienced a lifting of what they had been carrying and felt lighter after the release of their “stuff.”

Know that it isn’t about delving into it and feeling into it deeply so you get caught up in the emotional charge around it. It is just about touching the edge enough so that you make contact with it and bring it into your awareness.

All experiences to your soul are beautiful, no matter how your humanness perceives them, so your soul meant for you to experience EVERYTHING! By just riding the edge, you are consciously experiencing it and satisfying your soul’s desire for the fullness of the human experience.

Bring whatever it is to mind that you want to release now and ALL THAT IS and I create a space for you to experience the release that you desire as you move through this human journey to satisfy your soul’s desire for the experience. You will be loved and safe with us!

What would your life be like if you didn’t have to keep carrying all your past “junk” around with you into all of your current experiences and replaying it over and over again? What if you could be free of it?

You can finally release these emotional and energetic blocks to experience a new freedom in a…


Releasing Your Blocks Session


In your session…


You will offer whatever it is you want to release to ALL THAT IS – such as old emotions, traumatic and wounding experiences, challenges associated with other people – allowing it to be taken so that you no longer have to continue to experience it over and over in your reality. As long as you are consciously aware of some aspect of it, that will satisfy your soul’s desire for the fullness and completeness of the experience, thus releasing you from having to continue to experience the residual influence of it in your life. It really is as simple as just being willing to give it to ALL THAT IS and moving forward knowing that it is complete and gone from your energy.


We will spend about 40 minutes together, which is enough time for you to bring to mind up to 3 experiences you would like to release and be free of. It is not necessary to share them or express them verbally, it is only important you know what they are enough to have a conscious connection to them. You may receive additional coaching and guidance with me to assist in your forward movement of what you experienced during the releasing process, if it is helpful.


Prior to your session, you will receive an email that will provide you with details that will be helpful in receiving the most benefit from your time with ALL THAT IS and me in utilizing the time for the most value to you. Please be sure to read it carefully and ask any questions you may have prior to beginning your session. You can read them now as well here.


During the session, you will be receiving very high vibrational energy that will be permeating your energy field and body with activations and healings for your highest good to assist you in living your soul’s intended expression of itself in this lifetime. It will also be stirring up additional old stagnant and blocked energies relating to you moving to the next higher vibration in your life that are ready to be released.


There will be shifting in your cells and DNA to assist in your physical structure acclimating to the higher vibrational energy you receive. This higher vibrational energy will open you up to receiving and experiencing greater awarenesses and expansion of your consciousness so that new information, both from your energy field and soul, as well as from infinite wisdom, become part of your experience now.


*All sessions are offered via Zoom video chat or by phone. A recording of any coaching portion of your session is provided to you as an audio file for download and to access whenever you want to review the information shared and continue to receive the high vibrational energy and new awarenesses from it. You will receive the recording in a followup session email within several business days after your session.


You no longer have to carry the heaviness and burden of the blocks you are ready to release and be free of!


Set yourself free with a Releasing Your Blocks Session.



Mar G, of Michigan, shares from her session…

“I have to tell you, ALL THAT IS and you are amazing! What I released in the live mini healing session you offered, I’ve had for years and now that it’s gone, the drama is gone as well. I released a person that has been in my life a long time that I couldn’t seem to release. I tried everything. I feel nothing now. No anger, sadness. It is amazing! I’m still processing so the words are not coming well but I wanted you to know. Thank you again, Tammy. You and ALL THAT IS changed my life!”




Releasing Your Blocks Session ~ $126


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Are You Ready to Experience More Results and a Deeper Transformation?


Conscious change is a process that allows you to experience your transformation to satisfy your soul’s intended journey in this life and to be present to what you want to create for yourself through the fullness of the human experience.

Choosing to have multiple session packages allow for you to experience more transformation through your sessions with ALL THAT IS and me.

By choosing to commit to this next level of transformation and mastery in your life, your life will change in ways you are unable to imagine at this moment.

For stepping into your next level of who you really are, you will receive two bonuses to assist you even further.

First, you will be added to my daily energy work where I cleanse, balance, energize, harmonize and activate your chakras and energy field to raise your vibration and return you to your natural state of health, wholeness and well-being in all aspects of your life experience.  This is like an “easy” button with this being done daily on your behalf and in a consistent way to maintain the momentum you are creating in the work you are choosing to do.

Second, you will be part of the private Your Infinite Self Facebook group where you can ask your questions and share your experiences. With this additional support, you are always surrounded by those who desire a similar journey of expansion and upleveling to experience and express themselves in greater ways. Knowing you have others with you, who allow you to be who you are, ask your questions, share your wins and even those moments of being unsure that show up for all of us, you don’t feel alone. When you know you are part of something bigger, the energy of more than just yourself, you can experience shifts that are even more amazing.

Adding both of these will enhance and amplify your results of releasing the things that are really behind what has been keeping you stuck.

You will be included in both during the duration of the package.

Since we will be working with each other for a longer period of time, in a close and intimate way, this deeper transformational work is by invitation only for those who are ready. The Mastery Path of your life is a sacred commitment you make to yourself.


Request a Transformational Analysis and receive guidance on your next step of mastery in your life!




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