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Do you feel like you have worked through your “old stuff” so that you don’t have to keep repeating the same situations with your money, relationships, health and spiritual growth, only to go through it all again?


It is time to finally break that “hamster wheel” cycle and actually consciously move to the next level of your life with more ease and flow.


Discover the EXACT tools to Release, Heal and Reprogram Your Life so the repetition of the same unwanted experiences finally comes to completion and you can move into what you want more of in your life!


Are you ready for your awakening to be simpler?


A common pattern in the awakening process is to keep repeating the same old patterns, experiences and scenarios in your life until you finally become conscious of what is happening and bring it to a soul satisfying completion.


Of course, part of your soul’s intended journey in this physical experience was to move through the experiences of life in a “sleep” state until which time you became conscious of the fact that you can actually determine, direct and dominate them.


You are the creator of your experience, but in your early years, part of the adventure of being human was to forget that on a conscious level and then rediscover and reclaim it later on.


Although this is exciting, and worth the journey in and of itself, the downside is that you usually accumulate old patterns, beliefs and emotional wounds that you carry with you and then, because you were not aware of how to process them into healing and completion, they keep showing up for you to do something with.


It really isn’t a downside per se, more of an additional aspect to work with that is more about the human experience than what your soul was intending as part of its journey. Yes, there would be emotional, mental and physical experiences that would be carried forward, even from other lifetimes, but as your level of awareness heightens, so would the release and completion of them.


However, the lifelong conditioning gets you so caught up in your old stories of woe and victimhood that they stay stuck in your energy and body longer than you would like, or realize.


So, what do you do?


You release and heal them in a conscious way so that those energetic streams that keep repeating themselves in one form or another over and over can finally be brought to a soul satisfying completion. This means that the need to experience them is no longer necessary for your soul to have its desired growth and expansion from it.


And, as you awaken, those aspects of your experiences that are ready to be released, healed and completed will intensify until you address them.


It is time to put a conscious end to the old repetitive and limiting cycles and reclaim your power in your life!


Some of the old repetitive cycles can show up in your life as reflected in your:


Relationships – where there is discord, struggles and levels of abuse that are unhealthy and ultimately unloving, which can be happening in any type of relationship in your life –  romantic/partner, child, parent, employer, friendships, etc


Health – concerns, illnesses or dis-ease, many of which cannot be diagnosed or have no real treatments, including the heaviness of being translated into unwanted body weight that seems to stay no matter what you do


Career/Finances – working more for the money then the love of what you do or struggling with inconsistent financial flow in your life


Life Itself – feeling like you are trapped in someone else’s story of your life and you can’t find a way out


How do you know if you are ready and this is your next step?


There is a point at which this human experience becomes physically and energetically draining when you decide that something has to change. It may be that you just decide to start making real changes, or it may be that some external experience, that you invited in on a deeper level for this reason, happens and makes you have to change.


It is a free will choice of course to actually begin the journey as there are always other options, but when these occur, it is because you are ready – you just didn’t know how to take the first step.


Where to begin…


First, do the releasing and healing work for your old patterns that keep repeating, beliefs that are someone else’s programming and remove the emotional charge for the wounds that are still painful and hurtful now.


Once that work is complete, then you reprogram your beliefs to reflect what you want your subconscious mind to be creating your life from and reboot your desires to reflect where you are now in your life and what YOU truly want to experience.


How will you do this?


For the first 60 days, you will focus on the releasing and healing part of your transformation, choosing one area to focus on so that you experience more obvious and greater results.


The next 30 days are those of new possibilities. You will focus on the reprogramming and rebooting to consciously create your life by your design. This is very exciting and fun because you are the conscious architect and story teller of what you want your life to be like from this day forward.


You will receive in this self guided package…


Healing Your Child Self Audios ~

Heal the experiences of your childhood that keep you feeling unloved, not enough and unworthy to experience more in your life now


Clearing Past Emotional Wounds Audios ~

Release past situations, people and experiences that still hold an emotional charge that you are ready to be free of.


Freeing Your Body of Emotional Pain Audios ~

Release emotions that have settled in your body creating discomfort, ailments and dis-ease there.


Letter of Release Written Guide ~

Release the attachment to another person because of an emotionally charged situation you have not felt fully heard in by expressing it via this exercise to set yourself free.


Your Freedom through Forgiveness Written Guide ~

Find freedom in forgiving yourself and others to release the constrictive energy and lower level experience that holding on to the anger creates.


Reprogramming Your Beliefs Written Guide ~

Reprogram your old beliefs that no longer serve you to new ones you choose to live your life from in a simple exercise that works.


Rebooting Your Desires Written Guide ~

Identify your outdated desires that are not in alignment with who you are now to creating new desires that feel good and become your new reality.


Self Value and Expectation Written Guide ~

Find and connect to your value and calling into your life only the best that you deserve and desire to experience.



Here is what you must be willing to do and be in order to be successful in your transformation…


The willingness to play full out and claim full ownership over ALL of the circumstances, situations and experiences you now create in your human reality. The need to blame or be a victim to others from this point on will only hinder your transformational possibilities and stepping into your next higher level of life.


The willingness to actually do the work, to follow the process in the steps offered, and to be gentle with yourself to as you move through all of it as part of your soul’s intended journey at this point.


The willingness to look at these steps from a new, curious and open minded place so that you can utilize this information for your greatest benefit in your now. Yes, you may have done work in the past that you thought had brought you to the level you desired, but if you are here, and still having the same unwanted experiences, then starting from a fresh, new place of curiosity is what will serve you best in your transformational results.


The willingness to know this is possible for you. Being willing to let go of what you think you may have to do that doesn’t feel good, but instead to look at this as a conscious journey that you plan to enjoy as you move through it because you are able to stand in your power and confidence of the divine being you are.



You will have access to all of the audios and written guides immediately.


Start your journey of

Your Next Level Life



Only $369

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Or 3 monthly payments of $144

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When is NOW a good time to create the transformation you desire?

And, to have the tools to actually help you do it?



You will also receive the following BONUSES:


Bonus #1: Power Yourself Up To Full Audio

Call back your energy to fill your energetic resources back to full. You charge your cell phone to be able to make calls, send texts and access the internet, and if you don’t, it shuts down and doesn’t allow you to do these things. The same thing happens when your energetic resources are low or on empty. You feel drained, scattered, tired and not as vibrant, healthy and happy as you can be. To shift this, it is as easy as filling your own energy back up to full and starting each day with on your own “full charge.”

($54 value)


Bonus #2: Private Facebook Group

As you are on your journey through your 90 days, you’ll have access to support and guidance in this Facebook Group for those who are on this journey with you. I will be responding to your questions and comments to assist you along the way. Most self guided work has you out there all alone when you have questions about the material, but I want you to have more than that, so between me and the others in this group, you will receive the guidance, support and answers that will help you with the transformation you desire.

(Unlimited Support and Group Energy – Priceless)


My Guarantee to You…


If you decide that this package is  not going to help you in creating greater transformation in your life to take you to your next higher level, simply email me within FIVE DAYS of purchase and I will refund your investment back to you with no questions asked.




What clients and students have shared from their experiences with these exercises and processes:

“Tammy’s teachings have helped me so much. I was a student in the class she taught on understanding energy at the college. I enjoyed the class so much, I took it each time it was offered. It worked so well for me that I pat myself on the back for all that I have accomplished in mind, body and spirit because of it. Her teachings have offered a new higher level of consciousness for me and I excitedly share my desire to connect more people with her to experience the benefits and value I have. If you get the chance to take a class with Tammy, hear her speak, or to work with her, take it because it will change your life as it has mine!” Sharetta Wellons

“I have been able to, through the energetic exercises and techniques Tammy shared that were specifically helpful for where I was on my journey in any given moment, shift my old beliefs, which I had not been able to successfully do with the ease I am able to now. I have so many more tools and techniques to utilize to create even more shifts and healing as I continue to up level in my life. I feel like I made great progress working with Tammy and feel a greater peace in my life and with myself. I have been able to get clear on what I want my life to look, and be, like and I am creating a life that I love as it is unfolding in ways I didn’t imagine when we began. I see a much happier, healthier and joyfilled now, and future, for myself because of this work. Thanks Tammy!” Marcy

“In all the clearing, releasing and healing work, as well as the high vibrational knowledge and wisdom she imparted to me, my close relationships have improved, my overall health has improved, and I have gained deeper insight into who I am and what I truly want on my journey in this life. I am more at peace now and experiencing a deeper inner calm that I didn’t have before. I know that through the work I have completed with Tammy, my life has up leveled to a new and higher vibration and is more amazing than before! I now understand that I can continue to do the necessary work for myself. I am healing in ways I didn’t even know I needed to and it feels GREAT. Thanks Tammy for all you do!” J. Whitfield

“I connected with Tammy when I took her college class and find what she shares to be valuable and interesting information. Things she has shared with me have brought new insight into my life and have improved the quality and experiences of it. I feel more centered; have more peace of mind; noticing what’s not best for me is moving out of my life; haven’t had any disagreements with anyone; feel more positive; and am re-thinking my life with the very best in mind for me. I plan to continue the exercises because of the positive results I am experiencing. I do believe my life has changed for the better from working with the processes and I would recommend them for everyone who wants to be more centered in their life. And, who wouldn’t? Thank you very much Tammy for the life changing processes!” Sandra Smith Henley



So, are you ready to create the transformation you desire?


Start your journey of

Your Next Level Life



Only $369

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Or 3 monthly payments of $144

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**The 3 monthly payment option is offered as a “subscription” until the payments are complete.**



If you would like additional support on your journey, you can join me for live Q&A Guidance calls.


Join the 60 minute Live Calls with me to ask your questions and receive support, guidance and coaching as you move through the material. This is in addition to the Facebook Group where you can also ask your questions. The call times and details will be sent to you prior to each call so you can join in via Zoom live chat or phone, both domestic and international.

Don’t worry if you are unable to make the live calls, you can submit your questions and inquiries before the call to offer them for responses during the call. You will receive access to the recording, so you can listen to everything again if you attend live, and still listen if you are unable to attend the live call.


Q&A Guidance Calls Monthly Membership

Only $36

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**Note: This is an additional subscription offer for a monthly charge of $36, which will automatically be charged each month until you cancel.**




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