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Do you ever question why you are here?


Why would you, with the struggle, fear and disharmony in the world, choose to come into this physical reality?


It is quite simple…you came for the human experience.


You came for the game of “Hide and Seek” that it allows you to play.


You came for the five senses, the contrast, the opportunity to remember and live in the fullness of it all.


But, why would you really want to do that?


Because when you are in pure energy form, you are in the energy of all that is wonderful, beautiful, loving and perfect. And, although that is a desired state to be in, you experience amplified and accelerated soul growth when you live the human experience.


Again, why would you want to do that?


There is a fullness to being in the physical form and reality you are just unable to have when you are in pure energy form.


Take your five senses for example. Have you ever noticed how babies look at their hands as if they are something foreign to them, yet interesting enough to warrant their attention? It is because they are new to them. They just came from pure energy form and now they are checking out this physical body they are in.


Have you ever really savored your five senses?


Again, when you are pure energy, you do not have these senses, but while you are in the physical you do. You get to taste, touch, smell, see and hear all that you come in contact with and all that is around you. Take a moment to acknowledge how wonderful that really is because if you were to be without any one of those senses, you would notice it more. Be thankful for the ability to use your senses to experience the world you live in and to enjoy it more because of them.


Why would you want to experience contrast?


Through the contrast of your experiences in the physical, what you would deem good and bad or positive and negative, you get to decide what you want more of and what you would prefer not to experience.


Contrast does not exist when you are pure energy, but oh-how-wonderful it can be while you are here. You get to discern when you are happy or when you are sad; when you like something because it pleases you and when you don’t like something. Without being able to notice either side, you wouldn’t be able to notice either side.


In your pure energy state, you know only the “good” side of how things are, but you wanted to have the ability to experience both sides of the polarity of things.  (Check out  The Takes Two Sides to Make the Whole article for more explanation here.)


Your soul came here without fear of anything.


It wasn’t worried that you wouldn’t remember who you really are. It wasn’t afraid that you would be unhappy or not awaken to why you really came here.


It came for the experiences you could have through the contrast, through your five senses, and in the fullness that is offered in the physical world.


It took a lot of courage, curiosity and knowing in who you really are for your soul to choose to come into this human experience.


Your soul knew you would remember who you really are. You’d play the game of “hide” it from yourself, then you’d get that deep nudging to remember and would “seek” the answers to your greatest questions that were within you all along.


Your life is meant to be a glorious journey where you are the creator. You already have within you all that is needed to live a life of divine expression in the more amazing ways and forms. You are meant to experience the best of all things, with the objectivity to not judge them as good or bad, but for the desire of more.


If this grand physical experience was what your soul truly wanted, then how will you spend the rest of it honoring that deep and profound desire of your soul and live more fully in it?


It was up to you and you chose this human experience!


In love,

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