Private Channeled Event

The Sacred Bond with Other Women is Pivotal in Your Growth



When a group of women come together, there is power, love and a desire to nurture each other into greatness.

Couple that with a high vibrational space that invites all present to receive the insights and answers they desire to living their life more on purpose, with love and being able to be who they really are, then you have an explosive opportunity for the extraordinary to happen.


If you, and your friends, are awakening women looking to experience yourselves at a higher level, stepping into it with confidence, then a Private Channeled Event with ALL THAT IS and Tammy will assist you in doing that.


Everything you require to live an amazing life is already within you right now, but you may not be fully conscious or aware of it because you are looking outside yourself for validation, approval and someone else’s belief in what is right for you. That is likely your conditioning from living in the human experience, but what if you could ask questions that would allow you to:

Receive confirmation that allows you to trust your own “knowing” regarding the choices and decisions you are making, or facing, in your life.

Receive clarity on your next best step and moving forward confidently.

Have a greater understanding of who you are and the path you are on in your life, allowing you to feel more into your purpose and who you are becoming because of it.



Remembering you are connected to those around you, and to the greater consciousness of all things as well, offers you the opportunity to tap into all the wonders of life that are available to you. Of course, they reside just outside your comfort zone, but with the support of the women you admire and love, as well as the source of all things itself, you can be, do and have whatever your heart desires.

Don’t allow the underlying beliefs and fear, that were instilled in you early on in life by outside authorities, to limit who you can become and who you want to be. Don’t let them hold you back any longer from experiencing yourself as who you really are.

If you are ready to tune into who you really are and be making choices that will serve you best, knowing that you are surrounded by those who believe in, and with, you too, then invite your friends to join you for a Private Channeled Event where you will experience yourselves, and each other, in new ways.


You will receive confirmation, clarity and understanding by communicating directly with Higher Divine Consciousness, as well as through the responses to the questions of your friends.


ALL THAT IS is the higher divine, universal wisdom consciousness that encompasses all things. It is the lowest vibrational level accessible in the human experience to the all-knowing, expanded consciousness that is referred to as God/Source/The Universe/Creator, or whatever resonates with you.

If you ever wanted to talk to “God,” this would be it. And, who loves you more than God does?

You will be receiving the love and support of your friends as well as that of God, as if “God” were right there with you, and you are simply having a conversation, receiving support, guidance and a listening ear in a safe, loving space.

Maybe you have experienced other channels, such as Esther Hicks and Abraham, Sheila Gillette and THEO, and Seth to name a few. ALL THAT IS encompasses all of those collective consciousnesses and more.

If you are not familiar with channeling, channeling is the ability to allow higher vibrational information and consciousness to flow through you and be open to receiving it. With ALL THAT IS , they speak directly through the channel, Tammy Braswell, so they are there with you in an intimate way.

You can read more about Tammy’s channeling journey here.



You can ask any of your life questions relating to…

  • your finances and abundance
  • your business or career
  • your relationships
  • your body and health
  • your spiritual growth and development
  • and anything else your heart or mind would like to have confirmation, clarity and understanding around.



At this private 2 hour event, the focus is for you to ask ALL THAT IS your questions to gain more clarity, confirmation and understanding on what you want to know to assist you living in the fullness as the best version of yourself in this lifetime.

The YOU your soul intended you to be.

What would it be like to talk to all-knowing expanded consciousness and ask it your questions about life, love, health, happiness and more?

This private event will be unique because it flows from the questions and inquiries of all who are present. You will find that not just because you are friends with similar interests and lives, the themes that reveal themselves for your growth and healing will be reflective of that as well. You will all receive benefit and value from your own questions as well as those of the other ladies present.

You will receive action steps that you can choose to implement to create change and transformation in your life from your interaction with ALL THAT IS.

In addition to each of you being able to ask your questions, you will also receive the opportunity to release a block that you feel has been keeping you stuck in your life. This could be an emotional situation or experience, include another person, or be something you feel you have already done work on that just seems to keep repeating anyway.

It is time to free yourself of whatever that block is so moving forward is based in ease, grace and flow. No more struggle, hard work or draining your energy.



This is a small, private group event that allows for more intimate interaction and communication with ALL THAT IS and each other.


In it you will experience:


2 hours of asking your questions, and conversing with, ALL THAT IS in a safe, loving, non judgmental space


Being with a group of your like-hearted friends who desire similar growth, healing and higher experiences


The releasing of an emotional or energetic block you have that is keeping you from moving to the next level of your life


Being in a high vibrational energy that amplifies all that is happening in the space and offers deep and heightened shifts, healings, activations and awarenesses within your energy field and physical body, including at a cellular and DNA level, along with expanding your levels of consciousness and breaking up old stagnant energies to be released


Attending from anywhere you are, being in familiar, comfortable surroundings, via Zoom video chat or by phone ~ the environment in which ALL THAT IS comes through is important, so Tammy is able to create that for everyone for the highest and best experience


Receiving an audio recording of the event to reference again for the information and high vibrational energy that was present during the live event


If this resonates with you and you want to experience it all first hand, then schedule your…


Private Channeled Event


Hostess is Only $69 with 5 – 6 friends

Hostess is FREE with 7 – 9 friends



Each Friend is Only $99 


There is a minimum of the hostess plus 5 friends to schedule, with a maximum the hostess plus 9 friends. Full payment for all attending is in advance.

Each lady will have the opportunity to ask ALL THAT IS their question and converse with them, with the possibility of going around the group more than once.

Day, evening and weekend times available.

Schedule a time to chat about the details of your private event



For details about how to prepare for the event, what you will experience during the event, and the benefits of the high vibrational energy you will be in, click here.



What others are saying about their group experience with ALL THAT IS…


“After attending the ALL THAT IS event, I feel more confident with the choices that I’ve made recently. It was a real confirmation and the energy in the room was enlivening and beautiful! I loved seeing shifts in others as much as I enjoyed my own shift! I feel so much lighter! Thank you.” Tamara Zoner, Commerce Township, MI


“I received surprising and powerful clarity for how to proceed with my passion and work. The insights received from Tammy [ALL THAT IS] are incredible. I am so appreciative for this workshop. I love the deep, powerful insights ALL THAT IS gives with such ease and clarity.” F.G.S. ~ Ann Arbor, MI


“I am amazed at the energetic shifts of the participants. Healing energy is abundant. In addition to questions being answered, healings have taken place that extend beyond a mere answer to a question.” Shannon Stockwell, Farmington Hills, MI


“During the session, I experienced chills which were confirmation of truth. I truly obtained information personally related to me via the questions, or rather answers, that were given to others.” J Michelle ~ Detroit, MI


“The workshop was a very loving and supportive event which helps me to feel open to share and ask my questions. Tammy’s [ALL THAT IS] answers were very helpful and clear, making them easy to apply to daily life.” Marcy ~ Westland, MI


“I became aware of “I am in charge in my life.” Do what feels good that makes me happy. Think BIG! and more will happen! Sweep the negative thoughts and feelings out and pursue my goals! Yippee!” 1Bette ~ Britton, MI


“Aha moments – When focused on “fixing others” ask what parts of me do I need to heal or what path do I need to follow? When there is struggle – I am not in alignment with my path. Always follow joy. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed hearing and learning from the various questions and answers that other attendees as led. Very energizing. I felt the energy throughout the session and afterwards. Tammy is gifted! Would highly recommend if you are wanting to open your mind to new possibilities.” Linda B ~ Metro Detroit, MI



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