Transformational Packages

It is time to transform your life!




Do you feel like it is time to…


Release and heal the past once and for all?


Reprogram and reboot your beliefs and desires to represent who you are now?


Create higher connections that feel good and are easily accessible?


Love yourself more and take time to do so?


These are totally possible for you right now!



“The only constant in life is change”~Heraclitus



Life is always changing, from small things to the big events.

You may often think, and feel like, you have no control over the changes you experience, but that is not accurate. You have more conscious choice than you think you do.

Conscious change is when you choose to transform your life and create it the way you desire it to be. Not leaving it to be determined or directed by outer forces and influences, but by you choosing it to be the way you want it to be.


Can this be easy? Yes. Have you likely been taught how to do this? No.


Well, now you can acquire the knowledge and tools to consciously and powerfully transform your life.



Allow me to assist you on your journey of consciously transforming your life through…




  • Your Higher Connection Mastery Package (Coming Soon)


  • You Loving You Package (Coming Soon)


  • Manifest With Ease Package (Coming Soon)


“Tammy’s teachings have helped me so much. I was a student in the class she taught on understanding energy at the college. I enjoyed the class so much, I took it each time it was offered. The Future Self process she shared was one of the most profound elements of the class for me. It worked so well for me that I pat myself on the back for all that I have accomplished in mind, body and spirit because of it. Her teachings have offered a new higher level of consciousness for me and I excitedly share my desire to connect more people with her to experience the benefits and value I have. If you get the chance to take a class with Tammy, hear her speak, or to work with her, take it because it will change your life as it has mine!” Sharetta Wellons, Cultural Artistry, Detroit, MI ~ one of her college students


What is the Journey of Creating Conscious Change?


Not sure where to begin, but you are ready and committed to take the next step on your journey, then…


Request a Transformational Analysis and receive guidance on what is the best step for you, today!


I Promise you that…

If YOU are committed, put forth the effort and are willing to be uncomfortable on your journey of conscious transformation, then you WILL experience expansion, growth and healing in your life! Your results are based upon YOU and what YOU are willing to do for YOU!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?




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Energy is powerful when you know how to consciously give it purpose to assist you in creating what you desire.

Discover the 4 powerful ways to use this energy technique to amplify your ability to manifest what you desire in your life now.

Your life is meant to be the way YOU want it to be!

Use the Magic available to make it so!

Thanks for connecting with me!