Meet Tammy

Meet Tammy Braswell


Thanks for joining me here…

My name is Tammy Braswell and I am an Intuitive Channel, Divine Self Activator, a High Vibrational Healer and an Energetic Creation Coach, Guide and Teacher. That’s lots of info which basically means that I work with energy and levels of vibration to create growth, healing and transformation in my life as well as the lives of those I work with.

I grew up feeling like the life I was being shown wasn’t the way it was meant to be. Those I was close to and loved spent a good portion of their lives being ill and not living in a state of well-being and not living in the peace, joy, and freedom that was available to them. I didn’t realize at the time that the dis-ease they experienced was actually the physical manifestation of blocks and low levels of energy in their emotional, mental and spiritual energy systems that influenced how they experienced their lives.

Being sensitive to energy all my life, I began seeking to understand how to live the abundant life I desired, including vibrant health. I began studying how to create more well-being in my own life and became a Reiki Master level healer along with learning about Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch and the Emotion Code energy techniques of healing. Intuitively accessing the Akashic Records, where all information about everything in existence is held, also assists in the work I do by accessing other lifetime information to shift experiences in this lifetime. For over 30 years, I have been a student of metaphysical, spiritual and esoteric studies, including meditation and quieting the ever pervasive mind chatter that occurs, to discovering how to listen to the inner voice of truth that lies within each of us.

I used my knowledge to help my family and friends and went on to become a Spiritual Life Coach, as well as trained in health and wellness coaching, so that I could help others find it as well. While participating in a spiritually based business course, I intuitively knew that I was meant to help others heal their lives and bodies, along with living from the place of knowing who they really are.

With the profound realization, that I AM A HEALER, I decided to focus on using Healing Energy, my highly sensitive intuition, and working with universal laws to do just that.

Along the way I have been able to utilize my intuitive abilities as a channel to allow myself, and others, to have a more personal connection with the higher, expanded, divine consciousness of ALL THAT IS by allowing them to speak through me more clearly and concisely. Meet ALL THAT IS here.

And now, as my journey is always evolving, I have come to recognize that I have the innate ability to activate in others their connection to their higher self and the truth of who they really are, identifying myself now as a Divine Self Activator for others. This has led to me being guided to bring forth new energy methods of Polar Harmonics™ and High Resonance Healing™.

I believe that through an understanding of energy, along with shifting one’s perspective through energetic awareness, a person can create positive changes to achieve different and desired results. And by working with my clients, I have come to better understand what helps them create the shifts they desire in their life and how they can experience a life that is so much more satisfying and amazing than they ever imagined!

My deep desire is to inspire and support others by helping them return to their natural state of well-being through the knowledge and resources which I use on myself regularly to maintain my own well-being and vibrant health. Through the understanding of our energy systems, clearing energetic blocks and raising the vibrational levels of our energy, I want to help others create harmony and balance within their energy systems that positively benefit and shift all areas of their life.

I work with clients locally, in person as well as via phone and virtual platforms, allowing me to connect with clients from the US, Canada and other countries around the world. You can be anywhere in the world and we are able to connect.

You can read more about what I have been up to in creating a life of sharing this work HERE.


Life is an amazing journey and you are meant to enjoy the ride!


Along the way I have met some awesome and inspirational people. Using my own understanding of universal laws and manifesting what I desire, I have met Rev. Michael Beckwith and, Neale Donald Walsch, both of whom were featured in the well known movie The Secret, as well as Marianne Williamson, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and Mary Morrisey, after setting the intention of doing so. I wanted to be able to walk in their circle of influence and higher levels of positive energy and vibration. When I met Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, he noted that in the near future energetic, holistic approaches to well-being will play a prominent role in the lives of many.


Tammy and Marianne Williamson

Tammy and Mary Morrissey





Tammy and Dr Wayne Dyer

Tammy and Neale Donald Walsch

Tammy and Rev Michael Beckwith










“Tammy is one of those special people that comes around once in a lifetime!” Charles Birmingham, Taylor, MI ~ one of her college students


If you are ready to know yourself better, connect with yourself in deeper ways and release your attachments to the old patterns that are keeping you from really aligning clearly with what your soul’s truth, then come with me and let’s make your journey even more amazing.


Receive insights and information regarding the change you want to experience in your life and see what is next for you in making this happen!


If you know you are ready to take your next step, you can work with Tammy now!



You are not alone in this!


Let me assist and support you on your journey!


You are a powerful, divine soul and it is time you be, and live as, who you really are!


Tammy Braswell

Intuitive Channel with ALL THAT IS ~ Your Divine Self Activator

Energetic Creation Coach, Guide & Teacher

High Vibrational Healer ~ Medical Intuitive

Awareness Shifter & Akashic Record Reader

Home & Property Clearing Expert

Creator of Polar Harmonics™, High Resonance Healing™ and Akashic Field Recalibration™





Energy is powerful when you know how to consciously give it purpose to assist you in creating what you desire.

Discover the 4 powerful ways to use this energy technique to amplify your ability to manifest what you desire in your life now.

Your life is meant to be the way YOU want it to be!

Use the Magic available to make it so!

Thanks for connecting with me!